6 Most Rare and Unusual Animals in the World that you never see.


1.Golden Insects:

There are most of the people’s in the world who are afraid of insects. The main reason for this is that mostly insects look very Creepy. Usually, insects colour is black and dark. But that insects are you see there, that are completely golden.

Golden Scarab

Golden scarab there is such an Insects Which are found in Central America their colour is Completely golden. They look like they are made of gold If they don’t move, everyone will think it’s fake. The good news is that they don’t hurt anyone People treat them like pets.

Golden Scarab

Moreover’ This is the Golden Beetle you are looking at It’s called Golden tortoise beetle. They are also made of whole gold. They are from North America and the Caribbean; they are so small in size that it is difficult to see them in nature. The maximum size of the Golden Beetle is 7 mm, another thing is that they can change their colour, this golden insect is amazing.

Golden Tortoise Beetle

Golden Tortoise Beetle



Fish is the most common aquatic animal in the world, according to experts, there are 33,000 species of fish in the oceans. You may have seen a lot of cute fish but this is what we are showing you today It is different from all the fish in the world.

If you look at it for the first time, you will see thing it is look like Japanese wrestler, it is very ugly and Unusual.  It may surprise you to know that its shape is not natural look like this fish is actually a deep-sea fish it lives one kilometre deep in the ocean.

The pressure in such deep water is very high when it is in water, its shape is like another fishes, and it changes when it wants to get out of the natural environment so because there is no water pressure, they start to melt in a way and this is how shape becomes look like, it’s basically a common fish, but it looks good underwater.


3. Turtle Ant:

An ant is an insect that lives around humans you will still see it somewhere around you but now what you see as an ant is different from everything else.Turtle Ant

His face is very straight, it looks as if someone has crushed his face but his face has a purpose. The turtle ant closes the door of its colony with the help of its head. By the way, the colony stays open but when someone feels threatened by them, the guard close the door with the help of his head so that he can avoid others. This is a very good security system, no matter what anyone says, it is very wise.

Turtle Ant

4. Silkie:

Friends, the hen is a bird that is farmed the most because of its high demand. You may have seen a lot of Native chicken and Farmed chicken, but what we are going to show you it is very unique.


The name of this chicken is Silkie and it is found in China. It is so soft that no one can tell if it is a chicken or something else. Not only that, there are many other unusual things in them. Their colour is black and blue and they have five toes. This breed of chickens is natural and is also seen in different parts of the world. Their body is very soft and supple. This hen lays only three eggs a week and their weight are equal to one kilo. By the way, it belongs to China, but in different parts of the world, it is bred from special China, this is a very beautiful chicken.Silkie


5. Colorful Pigeon:

Friends, you have all seen the pigeon. The pigeon is a bird that is found in every area and people keep them at home. Usually, the colour of the pigeon is white and grey. But have you ever seen a colourful pigeon?

The multicoloured pigeon you see is called yellow footed green pigeon. They are found in Pakistan, India, Thailand and Vietnam. In fact, it is a wild pigeon and its paws are yellow. According to experts, this pigeon’s colour is due to the National Habitat this pigeon only eats fruit.Yellow Footed Green Pigeon Yellow Footed Green Pigeon

The funny thing is that if you see them in nature, you will see them mostly in the morning and they are sitting on a branch in a pair. It is very common in India, It has been declared the state bird of Maharashtra.


Yellow Footed Green Pigeon


6. Sugar Glider:

Friends, you may have seen the squirrel. It is one of the cutes animals in the world, but have you ever seen such an animal? The cute little animal you see looks like a squirrel. But you wouldn’t believe it belonged to a kangaroo family, like these kangaroos, they are born in pouch and they grow in pouch like kangaroos. They are called sugar glider because they fly like glider plane and secondly, they only eat sweets. If they put anything sweet in front of them, they will eat it. sugar glider is found in Australia and they are so cute that people keep them as pets in their homes.

Sugar Glider

Sugar Glider

They are very friendly. They get along very quickly with the owner. They go to a high place with the help of their claws and jump they fly in the air like gliders and land on the ground.

A leader in size grows up to nine inches, and they weigh up to 120 grams. This flying animal is very cute.

Sugar Glider

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