German shepherd Husky Mix Breed Information & All Details

The breed that came into being due to a cross between two dog breeds of the most intelligent “German Shepherd” and the smart “Siberian Husky”. The breed that results from these parents commonly called “Shepsky” or “Giberian Shepsky”. The German shepherd husky mix puppies have inherited fantastic traits from both of their parents, resulting in other adorable, loyal, and smart pups.

The German shepherd puppies could never live in a small area as they do need freedom. They require large houses along with big yards. This breed is considered to have a super-intelligence level and high energy and due to this fact, they are widely taken on guard duties and many missions. These Australian shepherd mixes are quite aggressive and can become destructive sometimes. So, very well training is more important in the case of cute German shepherd mix puppies to create their well-behaved, humble personality.

German shepherd Husky Mix

History of German shepherd Husky Mix:

The German Shepherd Husky Mix breed had arisen many years ago, probably in the late 1990s when a cross was done between two fantastic breeds; German shepherd and Siberian husky. The results shock the people as there was done development of lively, loyal, and more affectionate dog breed. The breed was named by the combination of both parents’ names and this breed is titled “Shepsky”.

These lively, intelligent, and faithful dogs are widely worked in rescue groups, police missions, guard duties, and many agencies. Later, the American Canine Hybrid Club recognized the German shepherd husky mix breed.

Characteristic features Of German shepherd Husky Mix:

The Charcoal lab puppies are quite interesting in their characteristics. That’s all these characteristics that have given them a separable ideal identity. The characteristics of German Shepherd Husky Mixradors are discussed below:

  1. Size:

A relatively new breed “Shepskies” have taken different traits equally from both of their parents, their size also comes in between German shepherd and Siberian husky. The sizes of both of the parents and their resulting breed are mentioned below:

German Shepherds: German Shepherds are slightly bigger than Siberian Huskies and range between 22-26 inches.

Siberian husky: Siberian Huskies are medium-sized dogs and relatively smaller than Germans. They stand approx. in between 20-23 inches.

Shepsky: the resulting Shepkies’ sizes stand in between both of its’ parents and usually comes in between 20-25 inches.

  1. Weight:

As the size of German shepherd mix dogs comes in between two of its parents, the same is not in the case of weight. The weight trait of Shepsky is utmost taken by its parent “German Shepherd”. Here are the details:

German Shepherds: As German Shepherds are larger than Siberian, their weight is also more than them and standouts among 49-88 pounds.

Siberian Huskies: Siberian Huskies are slightly less-weighted as compared to Shepherds and standouts among 35-60 pounds.

Shepsky: The new breed “Shepsky” resembles German Shepherds in their weights and stands out in between 45-88 pounds.

  1. Coat COLOR:

The coat color trait is mixed up by both the German shepherd and Siberian husky and is usually a combination of two or more colors. The Shepskies’ coat colors are seen in many colors including white, brown, red, black, and blue.

The coats of this breed are dense enough to keep the dogs safe from extreme winters. These are quite long, soft, and many-colored to make the dogs look attractive and keep them safe. This breed sheds a lot, so requires brushing and bath.


German shepherd and Husky mix males and females also stay in danger of some health problems. The lack of regular veterinarian checkups or proper vaccination can put them more prone to severe conditions. The following are the main health issues this German shepherd beagle mix breed meets:

  • Epilepsy: Epilepsy is a neurological disorder that refers to recurrent seizures. It also results in much abnormal behavior or loss of consciousness for some time. It can be treated only by medicines.
  • Hip dysplasia: Both males and females of the Australian shepherd mix are equally prone to this joint disease. It is caused due to the dislocation of the ball and socket of the hip joint that results in an inability to jump, run, or skip in normal gait.
  • Luxating Patella: it is another joint disease most commonly found in dogs that takes place due to dislocation of patella from its position, causing an inability to follow a normal activity.
  • Eye diseases: There are also some eye diseases found in this breed including cataracts and Progressive Retinal Atrophy.
  1. Life span:

Their life span also a mixture of both the parents and a German Shepherd Husky Mix puppy usually comes with a life span of about 10 – 14 years. These are amazing working dogs and useful companions due to their playful nature, smart personality, high energy, and excellent intelligence level.

  1. Price:

The German Shepherd Husky Mix is a slightly expensive dog breed that varies greatly according to the weight, size, and quality of a puppy. Usually, a German Shepherd Husky Mix puppy can be brought within a price range of $500 to $1000. You can never regret when spending money on this superb shepsky breed.

What makes the personality of German shepherd Husky Mix better?


The German shepherd puppies are strong and healthy dogs. To achieve their proper growth, you must give them proper nutrition. The dog food should be of high-quality and contains all the nutrients required by your shepsky at its’ all particular age.  Take care of the meal timings and the amount of portion they need.

You must also consult a veterinarian for advice to maintain their health and give them only the amount of calories they need per day for their proper growth.  Don’t give them too much food or in irregular timings to avoid obesity like diseases in your Australian shepherd mix dog.

2.Exercise and training:

For the proper physical and mental growth, it is required to start their train just as you bring a cute little German shepherd husky mix puppy. The regular training and exercising are considered as an important factor play a crucial role in the proper growth and development of the dog. The tips for exercise and training of German shepherd husky mix is described below:

  • Daily early morning walk and run for approx. one hour is necessary to check and maintain shepsky energy level
  • To teach them the rules of where to excrete wastes and when to go sleep is helpful for their better personality.
  • Early socialization with your family members and their dogs would let them develop a disciplined personality.
  • Playing games and teaching them tricks are best for checking and maintaining their intelligence level and way of adaptability.

3.Care & Grooming:

Grooming and caring work synonymously in making a dog’s personality. And, when you have a German shepherd husky mix puppy then you could not deny the affection and attachment you will get with them. So, do caring and their grooming would be your responsibility like this:

  • You should brush their teeth regularly to stay them far from oral or gum problems.
  • Must Brush the coats of German Shepherd Husky Mix dogs as they shed a lot.
  • Bathing will become more important for the cleanliness of shepsky from dead hairs or germs.
  • Vaccination at regular intervals is a serious matter and a proper way to avoid many health diseases.
  • You should keep their eyes clean from useless discharge.
  • Their ears should be kept clean from an ear-cleaning solution of a well-known brand.
  • Nails trimming within fifteen days could avoid many injuries.
  • Keep them in large areas or open environments for the sake of their mental health.

Q1. Are German shepherd husky mix good guards?

ANS. The German Shepherd Husky Mix dogs are considered as the good guards alike its’ parents that have given them the best traits of high intelligence and smart mind-set.

Q2. What is the activity level time of the German shepherd husky mix?

ANS. The German Shepherd Husky Mix puppies have more energy as compared to the elder ones. But, the approximate activity level time of the German shepherd husky mix dog is 120 minutes per day.

Q3. Is German shepherd husky mix easy to train?

ANS. These are easy to train dogs due to their high intelligence level. But, they are also stubborn dogs like Huskies which can make them unmanageable sometimes.



German Shepherd Husky Mix breed is a relatively new breed, having many fantastic traits. These are considered the best working dogs and excellent competitors. Not a single character can decrease their value in the market as all the characteristics are impressive in their way. So, try to choose a healthy German shepherd husky mix puppy even at a higher cost to enjoy a healthier and perfect shepsky’s company!

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