Havanese Breed Information & All Details

The Havanese breed is a bichon type dog developed as a result of a cross-breed of Blanquito and other bichon type dogs (including the poodle ones).  Havanese dog is famous as the national dog of Cuba city. It is typically a pretty breed that is considered as the “trainable and intelligent Companion dogs.” The Havanese puppies are cute dogs having a long, silky coat that sheds a lot.

It is an ideal family dog that needs so much care and affection all the time. They attract humans by their different colored coats and the springy gaits. They shouldn’t be left alone at home for a long time and needed to be trained well during early ages. Overall, the Havanese breed is a sport-type, cute, energetic, intelligent, and trainable family dog that is widely loved by people all over the world.


History of Havanese

The breed came into being from the extinct little Havana white dog named “Blanquito de la Habana.” When the Spain settlers started coming on the island in the nearest years of 1492, they carry small little companion dogs with them. They start interbreeding and resulted in today’s well-known “Havanese breed.”

In the years of 1800s, the breed began to inspire the Europeans and they started bringing the Havanese dogs to other countries of the world. At that time, people were getting amazed by the cuteness and excellent abilities of these dogs. With time, they started becoming extinct. Finally, in the 1970s, the people started reestablishment of the Havanese dogs due to their different and surprising abilities, charming nature, and springy gait.

With the strongest comeback of the Havanese breed, the American Kennel Club recognized it in the year 1996. Soon they become the 25th most popular U.S pure dog breeds in 2013 that were in 28th position in 2012. This shows that the Havanese breed is one of the fastest-growing and inspiring dogs.

Characteristic features Of Havanese

The fantastic and impressive characteristics of Havanese breed dogs are discussed below:


Reaching the full size approximately six to eight months, the fastest-growing dogs are particularly short in height. Both males and females are usually taken within a single size range. The height of the Havanese dogs usually found in between 9 inches to 11 inches. With a curly tail on the back, they grow fast and get ready to face the world in just a few months.


The Havanese breed is a breed of short-heightened dogs that are having less weight too. The females are usually light-weighted as compared to males. The weight of both of them varies slightly that is mentioned below:

Havanese (Male): The Havanese (males) weight is somehow slightly greater than females and ranges between 8 pounds to 13 pounds.

Havanese (Female): The weight of female Havanese buddies lies between 7 pounds to 12 pounds.


The Havanese puppies are the cutest toy dogs generally interact smoothly with the children. These are the affection of dogs with dark brown eyes to catch everyone’s attention. They have a slightly shorter upper arm that produces a springy motion in their gait.

These lively dogs carry well-sprung ribs with a flat top skull and rounded back skull. They have almond-shaped eyelids with black pigments around their eyes, making dark brown colored lenses prominent. Usually, their nose is found wholly black. In short, the Havanese breed is a breed of attractive dogs that are capable of gaining anyone’s attention and inspiration within a short time.


The Havanese coats are generally soft, silky, long, and slightly wavy. Sometimes they can be dual-coated but usually, their undercoat is completely absent as they originated in hot climatic areas. The coats are light and soft but strong enough to protect them well from extreme winters. Their hair doesn’t shed much but they still need brushing for maintenance of their pretty appearance. So, brushing should be added as an essential part of their daily care routine.

If we talk about the colors of Havanese full-grown or puppies, there is a huge variety. There is no particular separation done based on colors and are seen and acceptable in all coat colors. Some coat colors that are seen usually among Havanese breed dogs include black and white, black and tan, brindle, Belton, piebald, beige black, and others.


Havanese is a strong and healthy breed with only a few but serious health issues. The health checkup should be done for these dogs to be aware of their proper vaccination and treatment. The few health problems that are usually common among Havanese are:

  • Cataract: The opacity of the lens is found common among these cute little toy dogs resulting in “Cataracts”. It causes difficulty in vision and can be proved harmful if not treated during an early stage.
  • Heart and liver Diseases: Many heart and liver diseases are common among Havanese dogs that should be checked and immediately treated to avoid serious inabilities.
  • Retinal dysplasia: It is a non-progressive disease mostly found in animals. It results in the folds of the retina, causing serious damage to the eyes. It can occur by genetic defects, vitamin deficiency, or viral infections.
  • Luxating Patella: Destroying the beauty of their springy gait, Havanese buddies usually meet with the Luxating patella disorder. The Knee cap gets dislocates sometimes, causing serious inability in walking, jumping, or performing activities.

6.Life span:

The Havanese poodle dogs’ life span is slightly longer than other dog breeds and usually comes in between 14-16 years. The companion dogs are always ready to spend their whole life with 100% loyalty and love sentiments among the loving family.


You can get Havanese puppies within a price range of $1000 to $1500. Prices vary according to the general health, color, size, and personality of a dog. But, usually, a Havanese dog for sale can be purchased within this price range.

What makes the personality of Havanese better?


Havanese breed dogs need proper care and food to stay active and energetic always. It is recommended to provide your Havanese puppies with 1 or ½ cup of high-quality dog food twice a day. As they start growing fastly to become the Havanese full-grown dogs, keep increasing their food quantity. It is also a bit of sincere advice to must consult a veterinarian for the proper take care of your puppy toy’s diet.


The Havanese puppies carry enough energy to burn during the whole day. Their proper training during an early age is the only way to make them well-behaved, obedient dogs. Basic training should be done in starting to help them discharge at a proper place, sleep well at a proper time, and behave well with everyone.

The next stage should be their obedient training to teach them always to follow their’ master’s commands. The challenging games and activities take part in maintaining their strength and creating an active personality. Early socialization would also help them in behaving well with their relatives and other family dogs.


The Havanese breed requires proper grooming every time. They build their fresh, active, and pretty personality only at the cost of when they are groomed properly. You can imply the following tips to keep your companion dog healthy, active, and cute!

  • Brushing should be done every day or once in three days to remove dust or dead hairs.
  • As the Havanese tear sometimes, keep their eyes properly cleaned from the discharge, tears, or redness.
  • To keep them safe from scratches or injuries, trim their nails every 30 days.
  • Frequent bathing should be done to avoid bad breath or germs.
  • Daily Teeth brushing or once in three days will keep the plaque, tartars, or bad germs away from your Havanese buddies.

Q1. Are Havanese high maintenance dogs?

ANS. There is no doubt that this breed is of high maintenance dogs. They require high-quality food, proper vaccination, and regular grooming for the sake of their good health and maintained personality.

Q2. Are Havanese males better than females?

ANS. The Havanese males are usually considered better than males due to their friendly, calm, and patient nature that lets them easily mingle with the people. While the females sometimes get moodier



Havanese poodle is a quiet cooperative and obedient dog. They are easy-to-train because of their high adaptability and learning abilities. A cute toy family dog loves to be gathered around family and mingles with them easily. The Havanese price is also not so high, so you can easily adopt one.

Overall, Havanese puppies are lively and smart dogs that can easily become a loving family member. Showered by many people’s love, Havanese is considered as one of the top-loved breeds in the whole world.

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