Maltipoo Breed Information & All Details

The endless loyalty and the unmatched playful company you can enjoy with the cute little dog “Maltipoo”. This breed has gained so much adoration and appreciation from the people from its fantastic skills, attractive personality, adorable looks, and playful, loving nature. They best suit for apartment life and are considered the “best family dogs”.

Maltipoo is a mixture of both of the adorable, intelligent, and smart parents “the Maltese ” & “the Poodle”. The one who is going to buy Maltipoo is not found very well prepared to meet the specific needs of cute little dogs. As they don’t need so much living space, they do require best-quality foods, moderate exercises, and proper grooming. So, one it is one of the most popular breeds that can never be old due to its’ dogs excellent characteristics.

History of Maltipoo

Maltipoo is a mix breed dogs who is very cute and a very nice family dog.  Maltipoo is very loving nature and friendly dog. Maltipoo is not a pure dog breed, it is a mixed dog breed that is a mix of Maltese and Poodle. Maltipoo is very energetic and this breed like to play everytime. They will not get tired as much as you are play  with this breed.  They are very small dog breed so be careful not to injure your dog, If you have little children in your home, make sure that the children do not harm them.

But if you want a small dog in a house, this breed is good for you and will go with you everywhere. If you go looking for a Maltipoo Bread dog in the market, you will not find it anywhere. You will find this breed only Maltese and Poodle owners only. Maltipoo loves to be with his family. They so happy with owner and family. You can’t leave the Maltipoo alone at home for as long time. if you stay alone your Maltipoo he will go on deprecation If you have a large family, so you can buy a this breed.

Characteristic features of Maltipoo:

Though Maltipoo look attractive and strong dogs, here you will find more about them in detail:


six to eight months this breed Reaching the full size, the fastest-growing dogs are particularly short in height. Both males and females are usually taken within a single size range. The height of the Maltipoo dogs usually found in between 8 to 14 inches.


The standard Maltipoo comes in between 5 to 20 pounds is the heaviest Maltipoo. The sweetest and the cutest Tiny Maltipoo does not weigh more than 10 to 24 pounds.

3.Color and coat:

Maltipoo more closely resembles the Bernese Mountain Dog. They are pretty attractive that comes in a combination of two colors; white and cream.

The coats of these cute dogs are usually of three types; straight, curly, or wavy. Those who have curly or wavy coats are more prone to diseases as they shed less so the germs stay stuck to their hairs.


The Bernedoodles are healthier dogs as compared to other dogs’ species. All these dogs are extremely active and energetic but somehow meet with some diseases include eye problems, hip or elbow dysplasia, or skin diseases. The rate of cancer in this hybrid is much lower as compared to their parents. Overall, Maltipoo are a comparatively healthy breed.

5.Life span:

Luckily, these dogs have the same life span as Poodles; that is about 10 – 15 years. it is also researched that tiny and mini Maltipoo have a relatively long life as compared to the standard ones.


The Maltipoo are typically expensive breeds whose average cost is between $1500 to $2000. The price differs according to the size, age, and quality. So, this price is nothing that much greater as you are getting a million dollars’ trustful dog.





What makes the personality of Maltipoo better?


Maltipoo breed dogs need proper care and food to stay active and energetic always. It is recommended to provide your Maltipoo puppies with 1 or ½ cup of high-quality dog food twice a day. As they start growing fastly to become the Maltipoo full-grown dogs, keep increasing their food quantity.

The Maltipoo puppies carry enough energy to burn during the whole day. Their proper training during an early age is the only way to make them well-behaved, obedient dogs. Basic training should be done in starting to help them discharge at a proper place, sleep well at a proper time, and  good behave  with everyone.

The next stage should be their obedient training to teach them always to follow their’ master’s commands. The challenging games and activities take part in maintaining their strength and creating an active personality.


The Maltipoo breed requires proper grooming every time. They build their fresh, active, and pretty personality only at the cost of when they are groomed properly. You can imply the following tips to keep your companion dog healthy, active, and cute!

  • Brushing should be done every day or once in three days to remove dust or dead hairs.
  • To keep them safe from scratches or injuries, trim their nails every 30 days.
  • Frequent bathing should be done to avoid bad breath or germs.
  • Daily Teeth brushing or once in three days will keep the plaque, tartars, or bad germs away from your Maltipoo buddies.

Q1. Are Maltipoos males better than females?

ANS. The Maltipoo males are usually considered better than males due to their friendly, calm, and patient nature that lets them easily mingle with the people. While the females sometimes get moodier



Maltipoo  is a quiet cooperative and obedient dog. They are easy-to-train because of their high adaptability and learning abilities. A cute toy family dog loves to be gathered around family and mingles with them easily.

Overall, Maltipoo puppies are lively and smart dogs that can easily become a loving family member. Showered by many people’s love, Maltipoo is considered as one of the top-loved breeds in the world. Maltipoo is the most famous breed dog in the world.

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