Pekingese Dog Breed Information & All Details

Pekingese Dog Breed are loving companions. These are very social dogs who want to spend time to the humans, more time your spends time with you they will be happy.  They are especially known for their high intelligence level and un-matched loyalty.  plus this loyal and dedicated guardians are gentle with family pets is well, and you can ask for much more an a dog the wants to be  around you and is gentle when socialize early an.

They are proved to be the perfect ones for everyone’s home as a trustworthy life protector, loving companion of family, genuinely kids.

History of Pekingese:

The first glimpse of “Pekingese” was found  in CHINA. The Pekingese is a BEST BRED of toy dog, original found in China.  This breed Chinese name  is Shih Tzu who was translates it to English name  same source as this breed’s is  “lion dog”. It is considered one of the newest hybrids that result in very beautiful, faithful, and active dogs.

Characteristic features of Pekingese:

Though Pekingese look attractive and strong dogs, here you will find more about them in detail:


Pekingese: Pekingese are the cutest as they are the smallest, approximately height in between 6 to 9 inches tall.


The weight of the most energetic and playful Pekingese vary as per most probably their heights. The standard Pekingese comes in between 3.2 – 6.4 kg is the heaviest Pekingese.

3.Color and coat:

They are pretty attractive that comes in a combination of 9 colours; White, Black, Fawn, Black & Tan, Cream, Fawn Brindle, Grey. The face colour black, some may have white and black on the face, and some not.

The coats of these cute dogs are usually of three types; straight, curly, or wavy. Those who have curly or wavy coats are more prone to diseases as they shed less so the germs stay stuck to their hairs. But the Pekingese having straight coats are much safe as they shed more and so, less hypoallergenic.


The Pekingese are healthier dogs as compared to other dogs’ species. All these dogs are extremely active and energetic but somehow meet with some diseases include eye problems, hip or elbow dysplasia, or skin diseases. The rate of cancer in this hybrid is much lower as compared to their parents. Overall, Pekingese are a comparatively healthy breed.

5.Life span:

Since the Bernese Mountain Dog has a life span of about seven years, in this character, Pekingese has gone upon the Poodle. Luckily, these dogs have the same life span as Poodles; that is about 12 – 15 years.


The tri-color affective Pekingese are typically expensive breeds whose average cost is between $1000 to $2000. The price differs according to the size, age, and quality. So, this price is nothing that much greater as you are getting a million dollars’ trustful dog.

What makes the personality of Pekingese better?

Pekingese Dog Breed Information & All Details


Pekingese Dog Breed Information & All Details


The Pekingese Dog Breed love to be gathered around human beings who care for them. As you you’re your pets’ affection and try hard to meet their needs, in return they will give you a double response. The standard ones don’t usually like close places to be in as they want to spend their time in open areas, long yards.


Despite having high energy, Pekingese are quite intelligent. They can pick up things very quickly as far as their caretakers train them. So, if you are going to make Pekingese as your family members, you must take care of their training very well. Training can make them adopt good habits with ease for lifelong.

  • It is better to take your dogs on an early morning walk for the maintenance of their physical and mental health.
  • Give them obedience training to make faithful to you and all family members.


As newborn babies do require vaccination to be safe from many harmful diseases, the same in the case of all dogs including Pekingese. The vaccines including anti parvovirus, influenza, and rabies should be given to these dogs for the maintenance of their better active and healthy life.


Q1. Is Pekingese easy to train?

ANS. Pekingese Dog Breed are easy to train dogs. The reason behind it is the high intelligence level that gives them the ability to adapt things quickly and completely.

Q2. Are Pekingese good family dogs?

ANS. Pekingese are intelligent, hard-working, and faithful too. They are proved to be very kind to family members, especially children. But, it is better to socialize them at an early age to develop good habits for a lifetime.

Q4. Is Pekingese aggressive?

ANS. No, not at all! These dogs are not aggressive. They love to have people around and enjoy their company. So, give them time and they will prove themselves to be very kind, playful, and loyal.

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