Pomsky Breed Information & All Details

The endless loyalty and the unmatched playful company you can enjoy with the cute little dog “Pomsky”. This breed has gained so much adoration and appreciation from the people from its fantastic skills, attractive personality, adorable looks, and playful, loving nature. They best suit for apartment life and are considered the “best family dogs”.

Pomsky is a mixture of both of the adorable, intelligent, and smart parents “the Siberian Husky” & “the Pomeranian”. The one who is going to buy Pomskies is not found very well prepared to meet the specific needs of cute little dogs. As they don’t need so much living space, they do require best-quality foods, moderate exercises, and proper grooming. So, one it is one of the most popular breeds that can never be old due to its’ dogs excellent characteristics.



History of Pomsky

The most modern breed “Pomsky” was developed in the United States around the months of the year 2009. The cute, little pomsky puppy was born in 2012 when a cross was done between the two famous breeds of Siberian husky and Pomeranian.

The American Kennel Club recognized pomsky puppies’ first parent Siberian husky in the year 1930 and the other one the Pomeranian in the year 1888.  The latest breed originated from both of them is found to be one of the well-known and highly lovable breeds of 2017 and gained so much popularity especially in the areas of Europe and North America.

Characteristic features Of Pomsky:


Though Pomskies look attractive and strong dogs, here you will find more about them in detail:
1. Size:
The newest breed “Pomsky” has got the height trait mostly from the Pomeranians. They are medium-sized dogs and show a smaller height. The sizes of both of their parents and them are mentioned below:
Pomeranian: The Pomeranians are short-sized dogs that don’t grow usually more than 7 to 12 inches tall.
Siberian husky: Siberian Huskies are medium-sized dogs and relatively smaller than Germans. They stand approx. in between 20-23 inches.
Pomsky: the resulting breed from the husky and Pomeranian size usually stands in between 10-15 inches.

2. Weight:
The weight of the most energetic, intelligent, and playful Pomskies also varies in size according to the ages. This trait is also taken by pomsky puppies from the Pomeranian. The weights are described as under:
Pomeranian: As Pomeranians are short-sized dogs they weigh lesser and come in between 12-14 pounds.
Siberian Huskies: Siberian Huskies are slightly less-weighted as compared to Shepherds and standouts among 35-60 pounds.
Pomsky: The pomskies resemble their parent “Pomeranian” in weights (less-weighted) and stands out in between 20-30 pounds.
3. Appearance:
Pomsky full-grown are seen as medium-sized dogs who are very loyal, playful, smart, and intelligent ones. With a wide variety of coat colors to their attractive eye colors, add more to their beauty. The detailed appearance of pomsky adult dogs’ appearance is described under:
• Coat: The coat is one of the most important characters that contribute a lot towards the beauty of them. Usually, a pomsky dog breed is seen in seven different coat colors. The coats are dense and dual-layered that provides unmatched protection to the innocent pomskies. The coats are usually seen in two color combinations and the colors can be: fawn, cream, white, grey, brown, black, and pied.
• Eyes: Eyes are the most attractive part of the pomsky’s breed and usually there are four possibilities of eye colors. The rounded eye colors include blue, brown, hazel, and amber, which contribute a lot in making them adorable.
• Body: The pomsky full grown dogs have a muscular body with bulky thighs and strong legs. They require a good amount of portion for their proper body development. Their tails are also curl-shaped and muscular.
• Nose and ears: There are mainly two nose colors of black and brown are seen in these cute pomskies with hairy, pointy ears.

4. Health:
Like all other breeds, pomskies are also in danger of various health problems. They can also have many eye problems, joints dislocations, skin diseases, and heart issues. The following are the main health issues that arise in these labradoodle mini dogs:
• Epilepsy: Epilepsy is a dangerous neurological disease that symptoms refer to seizures (generalized or partial), loss of consciousness, or certain abnormal activities. It is a serious neurological problem that can also be treated through anticonvulsant drugs.
• Hip dysplasia: when the ball and socket joints get dislocated due to problems of cartilages, there arises hip dysplasia. It gives the dogs difficulty in jumping, running, or normal walking.
• Heart Diseases: There are also various heart diseases found in pomskies that must be cured earlier to avoid harmful effects.
• Luxating Patella: When the knee cap (patella) dislocates from its position, it gives rise to the disorder of “luxating patella”. Dogs meeting with the disorder feel an inability to move and walk.
• Eye diseases: Eye diseases are also very common in this breed. The most common eye diseases found in full-grown pomsky are cataracts and Progressive Retinal Atrophy.
The Pomskies are also healthier dogs but some diseases getting affect them as they start growing old. This hybrid has also some dental and skin problems that can make their life difficult. With proper care, you can help them lead a healthy life.
5. Life span:
The common life period observed in these pocket Pitbulls is about 12 – 15 years. The life span is showing their fortunate part of having enough time to spend with their masters, family, and companions. So, you will never regret deciding on bringing a pomsky puppy to your home as they can prove them as the smartest, intelligent, and playful companions.
6. Price:
Depending on pomsky’s parents’ pedigree, their price range varies a lot. You may find a pomsky puppy within the range of 1000 dollars but it is also possible that you are finding them within 5000 dollars. So, to choose a healthy partner and cute companion you will have to pay more!

What makes the personality of Pomsky better?


The quality of diet usually decides the growth proportion & level of the living things. As far as the dogs are concerned, they do need a proper diet of high-quality dog food. If you genuinely love your puggle puppies, you must also take care of their diet, quality of food, and timings of the meal.

You should also consult a veterinarian to let you know about the calories and nutrients they need per day. So you can provide them food and portion accordingly. Less or more food can lead them towards a lot of health issues like obesity or malnutrition.

2.Exercise and training:

As they are apartment dogs, it doesn’t mean that they don’t want to go in an open environment. From the pomsky puppy to the full-grown pomsky, all need to teach, exercise and train properly for the maintenance of physical or mental health. Some of the tips you will see here:

  • Morning walk: Morning walk is a primary exercise you should let them do for approx. 30-40 minutes.
  • Socialization: Socialization of your pomsky puppies in their early ages should be done for the development of their friendly, disciplined, and kind nature.
  • Sleeping and excreting rules: The place of their excretion and timings of their sleep should teach them accordingly from an early age.
  • Games: Dogs love playing games. Your pomsky puppy or pomsky adult would also love playing games that help them in increasing their strength.


3.Care & Grooming:

You should show more love and care to your cute little friends to make them more faithful and obedient to you. Following are the tips by which you can show them your true love and affection:

  • As pomskies shed a lot, you should do their coats’ regular brushing.
  • Brushing their teeth properly and regularly would avoid dental problems.
  • Keep their eyes and ears properly cleaned to free them from all dirt particles.
  • Vaccination per a set time table should be done to beware of serious diseases.
  • Within every 15 days, trim their Nails to avoid injuries.

Q1. Why Pomskies are so expensive?

ANS. As they are a result of the fantastic Siberians, they do cost higher. Usually, the Pomsky puppies with blue eyes are kept with a high price tag due to their high demand by the people.

Q2. Does Pomsky bark a lot?

ANS. The pomsky puppy doesn’t carry an aggressive nature trait. If they are socialized properly and trained amazingly, they will show a well-disciplined and humble personality who doesn’t bark a lot without any dangerous stimulation.


From the pomsky size to the pomsky price, we have tried to describe each and everything regarding this cute and affectionate dog breed. There is no fact to deny that they can be proved as a fantastic playful companion. Their loyalty level can also not be challenged as they have a higher sense of staying always faithful to their masters. So, the selection of a pomsky puppy as an addition to an excellent family member is an incredible choice.

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