Red Nose Pitbull Breed Information & All Details

The Red Nose Pitbull Breed is one of the best varieties of the Pitbull family, mainly known as the “American Pitbull Terrier.” They are very similar to the blue nose pitbull, but a single difference in their rusty red nose separates them. With their higher level loyal nature and intelligent mind, the red nose pitbull is a must to know more.

The red nose is their main recognition sign that comes in this breed through the genes. The breed has gained the best genes with a lot of surprising abilities from its’ ancestors. Sometimes, besides having a red nose, some have a white strain mixed with red too. So, they can also be called “white, red nose Pitbulls.”

Overall, Red nose pitbull bully is considered one of the best family dogs. They can be rightly said as the “master of gameness” due to their high energy and shocking capabilities. If the Red nose pitbull puppy has been given the right training, it will prove itself as one of the outstanding loyal dogs.

Red Nose Pitbull

History of Red Nose Pitbull:

Red Nose pitbull belongs to the wide but superb family of American Staffordshire terrier. They are believed to be originated in the late 18th century or early 19th century. The breed with a red nose was the first to get noticed in Ireland. There are many varieties of Pitbulls that are thought to be developed from the Mastiff dog breed. The residents of Greek widely utilized mastiffs for their high agility and fighting power.

Pitbull breeds are recognized mainly for their aggressive and fighting personality. They carry an alert sense sensation that makes them suit best to be used in wars. The red nose pitbull dog has taken these intelligent genes from their Old family Pitbulls and has become one of the top smart dog breeds.

Characteristic features Of RED NOSE PITBULL:

The fantastic and impressive characteristics of Red Nose Pitbull breed dogs are discussed below:

  1. HEIGHT:

The red nose Pitbulls are medium-sized dogs with a lot of energy. With a middle height and playful nature, a red nose pitbull puppy best suits an ideal family dog.

Red Nose Pitbull (Male): The Red Nose Pitbull Breed males are a bit taller than females and usually reach up to 22 inches (56cm).

Red Nose Pitbull (Female): The outstanding female Pitbulls with a little aggressive and moody nature mostly range in the height of 17 to 20 inches (43 to 51cm).

  1. Weight:

As described in height, the weight of male red nose Pitbulls is a bit more than females. The weight ranges of both are mentioned below:

Red Nose Pitbull (Male): The Red Nose Pitbull is a heavy-weighted dog, and its males’ weight lies approximately 65 pounds (29 kg).

Red Nose Pitbull (Female): The Red Nose Pitbull females have less weight and can reach within a range of 30 to 50 pounds (14 to 23 kg).

  1. appearance:

The Red Nose Pitbull bully has a short-tempered but athletic personality that proudly separates them from other pitbull varieties. Besides being red-colored nose, they also have many impressive appearances include:

  • Body & Body parts: The head of red nose pitbull puppies is chiseled like an inspiring glimpse at first glance. The mouth contains superb, powerful jaws. With a muscular, slight bulky neck, they keep rotating their heads for an alert signal to the dangerous creatures.
  • Color types: the cute little buddies are quite attractive due to their brown, red, or copper-colored furs. The icing on the cake is done by the amber-colored eyes enhancing their beauty. Sometimes, the white fur traces are also found on their bodies, mainly on the toes or chest areas.
  • Coat: The red nose pitbull bully is a smooth, short-coated dog. They don’t require intense regular brushing as they don’t have a hypoallergenic coat.


  1. Health:

There are some genetic and non-genetic health problems found in the Red Nose Pitbull Breed as these are healthier dogs, most of the non-genetic disorders imbalance their lives. The common disorders are:

  • Hip dysplasia: Hip dysplasia is the most common disorder that takes place in the red nose pitbull. The disorder takes place due to the dislocation of the knee ball and socket joints. It destroys the posture of dogs’ backs, making their normal walking, jumping, and playing difficult for them.
  • Elbow dysplasia: Elbow dysplasia is a serious condition caused by unequal elbow bone growths. It also causes difficulty in normal gait and can be treated by proper surgery.
  • Cataract: cataract is also a widespread eye disease found in dogs. It is a serious condition that may lead to blindness if not treated immediately. A proper surgery is recommended to cure it.
  • Hypothyroidism: The research says that almost 25% of the pitbull varieties get prone to hypothyroidism. It takes place when the thyroid gland starts producing fewer hormones. The affected disease can result in obesity.
  1. Life span:

The Red Nose Pitbull bully is a smart dog with a better life span expectancy. It is found that the average life span of a red nose pitbull dog is about 14 years. Some of the Pitbulls had also shown a life span of 16 years.

  1. Price:

The fighter dogs are usually seen with high price tags. The reason is their high energy level and highly protective nature. The Red Nose Pitbull puppies usually cost in-between $2000 to $3000. In contrast, an adult one’s price range is $35,000 to 100,000$.

What makes the personality of Red Nose Pitbull better?

1. Feeding:

Feeding plays a primary role in the growth of an individual. As far as your red nose pitbull is concerned, an average diet should be divided into two meals. Offer them 1 to 3 cups of kibble per day as per their requirements. An excessive amount of food or irregular timings can lead to their obesity, which may become an invitation to many other diseases.

2. Socialization:

Socialization at an early age is essential in the case of Red Nose Pitbull puppies. The main purpose is to bring your puppy grower with a calm, humble, and friendly personality. Here how you can socialize your red nose pitbull easily:

  • Interaction with people and dogs: Start interacting with your cute little puppy with other people and their dogs. If it is not done well, the pitbull can show destructive behavior with dogs and people it doesn’t recognize.
  • Take them in an open environment: Daily outing with your puppy can help you stay active and energetic. Games and exercises would help them to grow fitter and show positive behavior towards others.
  • Response to commands: Let your red nose pitbull dog learn the behavior to respond immediately to your commands. It will help your dog stay in control and be obedient to you all the time!

3. Grooming:

Grooming Red Nose Pitbull dog is far easy than other dog breeds as their short coat doesn’t shed throughout the year. Here how can fairly groom your red nose pitbull puppy:

  • As red nose pitbull bully doesn’t shed much, brushing with 4-6 weeks will be fair by a soft-bristle brush.
  • Teeth’s brushing regularly or within three days is an ideal way to prevent teeth and gum diseases.
  • The eyes and ears should be cleaned from the discharge or tearing.
  • Trimming of nails as far as they get longer can avoid various injuries.
  • It would be best to give frequent baths to keep your red nose pitbull puppy neat and clean.
  • Proper vaccination at the preferred times should be done accordingly.

Q1. Are Red Nose Pitbulls aggressive?

ANS. We have already made clear the aggressive and combating nature of the Pitbulls. Your red nose pitbull puppy also carries the same genes, but it can be controlled if you socialize them properly.

Q2. What is the main difference between Red Nose Pitbull and a blue nose pitbull?

ANS. The main difference between both these breeds is their color. The red nose greatly differs from the Red Nose Pitbull Breed, but some differences are found in temperaments and appearance.



Pitbull breed dogs were widely used in blood-shattering fights. Due to this reason, the offsprings have an aggressive nature and a loyal personality that is screaming towards the identical genes of their ancestors.

The Red Nose Pitbull Breed dogs are also the same as their ancestors and love to guard their owners well. It is an outstanding protective and loyal breed that also proves as a loving and kind family dog.

Good with children, loyal to the owner!

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