Russian Bear Dog Breed Information & All Details

The Russian bear dog was recognized when they used to fight against the wildlife, including wolves, bears to save the flocks of sheep and their masters. The Russian bear dogs are popularly known as the “Caucasian Mountain dogs” due to their origin from the Caucasus mountain areas mainly Georgia. These are intelligent dogs with slightly fewer energy levels.

They are also known as the “best guard dogs” as they performances excellent guard duties and whole-heartedly protected their owners, even for the sake of life. They love to live independently, causing the owners difficulty in train. They do have the traits of love, care, and protection of the family, especially children. All these qualities genuinely make them the “happy family sweet companions.”

Russian bear dog

History of Russian bear dog:

Russian bear dog breed is one of the most ancient breeds that is thought to be developed from the Sheepdog or Mastiff breed. Research says that these dogs were hailed from the Caucasus Mountain region nearly 2k years ago and that’s why named “Caucasian Mountain dogs.” As this breed originated in the Mountain areas, they have extreme weather or winter winds tolerance levels.

In the 1900s, some communities started using Caucasian mountain dogs for performing guard duties and developing other new breeds. These Russian bear dogs are widely utilized as watchdogs, guardians, or family companions nowadays. It still comes at one of the top dog breed positions due to their high alert mind, loving nature, dangerous-to-strangers personality, and loyalty quality!

Characteristic features Of RUSSIAN BEAR DOG:

The fantastic and impressive characteristics of Russian bear dog breed dogs are discussed below:

  1. HEIGHT:

The Russian bear breed has taller dogs. Their heights make them more strong and capable enough to fight dangers. Considered as the “Giant dogs”, this breed of dogs shows the following height ranges:

Russian bear dog (Male): The Russian bear male dogs usually come in a height range of 27 inches to 30 inches.

Russian bear dog (Female): The Russian bear females are slightly shorter but more energy-containing dogs that come in a height range of 25 to 28 inches.

  1. Weight:

The Giant dog word is meaningless here as besides being taller, they too have a good weight. The massive dogs don’t usually show weight below 100 pounds. Both male dogs and bitches weights are mentioned below:

Russian bear dog (Male): The adult Caucasian Mountain dogs (males) are more massive than females and weighs between 110 to 220 pounds.

Russian bear dog (Female): The Russian bear dog females are less-weighted than males and weigh between 100 to 180 pounds.

  1. appearance:

The Russian bear dog puppies are truly affectionate and catchy due to multiple colours. They are taller and massive dogs with bulky black or dark brown nose. The colours mainly seen in these Caucasian Shepherd dogs are red, cream, white, grey, and fawn. Their straight and coarse coats are one of their most attractive features. It often shows a combination of two or three colours. Some bear dogs also have white markings on the body that make them more beautiful and attractive.

  1. Health:

There are some genetic and non-genetic health problems found in the Russian bear dog. As these are healthier dogs; most of such disorders imbalance their lives. The common disorders are:

  • Hip dysplasia: Like other dog breeds, Russian bear dogs are also more prone to hip dysplasia. When the knee cap and socket get dislocated and don’t grip each other, the dogs develop the disorder. It results in severe difficulty in walking, jumping, or performing normal activities.
  • Cataract: Most Caucasian Shepherd dogs also develop a cataract. It is a severe eye condition that can lead to complete blindness if not controlled immediately. Its early symptoms change in pupil size, cloudy pupils, difficulty in night vision, or eye colour change. It is usually treated by proper eye surgery.
  • Obesity: Obesity is also one of the commonest diseases found in dogs. It usually takes place due to excessive diet or hypothyroidism. To avoid obesity, one must consult a veterinarian to give them the actual diet they want; neither excessive nor less.
  1. Life span:

The Russian bear dog puppies carry a short life span with their birth. The approximate life span shown by the Caucasian Shepherd dogs is near 10 to 12 years. The life span gets increased sometimes in rare cases, but the Russian dog usually leaves the world during these years.

  1. Price:

The Russian bear dogs are naturally protective and loyal. The best decision as a brining of a property guardian or a cute toy family dog is adopting the Russian bear dog puppy. The Russian bear dog puppy is not much expensive and cost between 1000$ to 2000$.

What makes the personality of the Russian bear dog better?


It would be best to serve your cute Russian bear dog puppy with a portion of high-quality food that can promote its growth and maintain the digestive system. Low-quality food is a risk for your dog’s life as it can render growth or imbalance the digestive system strength. As this breed is also very prone to obesity, you should adequately give the meal; perfect timings and the required quantity.

The best to avoid obesity and provide your puppy with a healthy diet is to consult a veterinarian. The veterinarian will tell you the nutrients, amount of food, and calories per day your dog requires. It is the only best way you can follow to help your dog grow healthier, strong, and smarter!

2. Training & Exercise:

Your Russian bear dog puppy doesn’t know anything until or unless you start working on it. Now, it is your responsibility to teach them the rules of spending life. You can become a successful master of your Caucasian Mountain dog if you let it learn all those things that make its personality recognizable as the best, inspirational dog for other dogs.

Here the main points regarding training and exercise are mentioned below:

  • Obedient training: Obedient training is one of the dogs’ primary training always to teach them to follow their master’s commands. Once your Russian bear dog puppy learns to follow, it would end up half of your difficulty in raising your dog’s best personality.
  • Walking and exercise: Early morning walk of 20-30 minutes during the beginning of every day is good. Your dog should do plentiful exercises and activities every day to maintain its strength and increase its energy level.
  • Socialization: Another best way to raise an excellent dog personality is to do early socialization. Early exposure to your dogs to other family members, relatives, and family dogs would help them stay well-behaved.

3. Grooming:

It is best to do regular grooming of your Russian bear dog to keep them neat & clean and grow healthier. Grooming can prevent many health problems and injuries. Groom your Russian bear dog in this way:

  • The Caucasian Mountain dogs have multiple coat types. Some have short coats, and some have long coats. If your Russian bear dog puppy is short-coated, then there will be no need for regular brushing as it sheds less. If it is long-coated, it sheds more so regular brushing is recommended.
  • The eyes should be kept clean from a discharge by a soft, slightly wet cloth.
  • Keep the ears cleaned from wax or debris.
  • Always do Nail trimming to avoid destructions, injuries, cracking, or scratches.
  • Frequent baths with regular brushing is a bit of sincere advice.

Q1. Can a Russian bear dog kill a wolf?

ANS. As per consideration of its history, the Russian bear dogs used to fight against the wild file in the regions of the Caucasus Mountains. They are aggressive and can kill a wolf too if feels great danger.

Q2. At what age do Caucasian shepherds stop growing?

ANS. The main growing period in the life of Caucasian Mountain dog is starting 3 months to 9 months. After then, the height usually doesn’t rise, but the width can be.



The Caucasian Shepherd is one of the unique breeds that contain high loyalty trait. These are the loving family dogs who love the company of children and caring people. If trained well, they follow all the commands of their masters with obedience.

The Russian bear dogs are also considered the “Best watchful dogs”. They are highly protective, stubborn, and aggressive dogs who can put their lives in danger to protect their family members. With their loyalty, loving nature, and playful activities, they inspire everyone within a short time!

Best as a guard, protective as a companion!

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