SIBERIAN HUSKY Breed Information & All Details

Husky are look like wolfs but this dog breed is not like wolfs, many people’s thought that husky’s are look like wolfs and there nature is also like wolf but that’s not true. To know this thing many people’s can’t believe in this. Husky family are belong to Spitz family’s like Indian Spitz dog, American Spitz, German Spitz who is very small size dog. SIBERIAN HUSKY is very fast breed dog, husky is snow dog and he is very fast working in snow people’s use husky’s in snow as used to pull sledges, Where people can’t work, but husky’s they can work. Husky’s run around 50 km speed easily they need proper training.

Husky is not a aggressive, husky are not want to bit you they want to play with you and love you because this breed is very fun lovely and family dog also that husky is not very pretty good guard dog, but he is very good family dog and with children’s they love to play and always stay with. Husky is not a aggressive. The people always appreciate this breed’s high energy, competent skills, and winning abilities. They love to be around people, especially children, and always desire to play with them.


The breed of Husky seems like a new breed due to the continuous changes in the characteristics of the offsprings. The genes that are transferred are usually good and improve the breed. This convinces the people to select this breed instead of others.

The biggest advantage we have seen of the development of the Husky breed is the improvement of athleticism in dogs. The great athletic abilities were shown by these little cute puppies and throw out a big competition for other breeds.

SIBERIAN HUSKY Breed is very good escape artist meaning they can run away from anywhere If you leave them at home for a long time, So they find their way out of the house somewhere and they go out Sometimes they break things, sometimes they dig pits and sometimes they break windows and go out this is often heard, and if you ever have a husky’s, make sure it doesn’t run away.

Characteristic features of SIBERIAN HUSKY:

The“SIBERIAN HUSKY” shows various impressive characteristics that made them one of the most lovable and recommendable breed. You can meet with some of their characteristics below:

SIBERIAN HUSKY Breed Information & All Details


SIBERIAN HUSKY Breed Information & All Details

SIBERIAN HUSKY Breed Information & All Details

1. Size:

The SIBERIAN HUSKY dog, both male and female ranges in height approximately from 17 inches to 21 inches. The size varies little between the female and male  HUSKYs. Here how much it varies:

SIBERIAN HUSKY (male):  the males HUSKY are usually taller as compared to females and their size ranges between Male: 54–60 cm.

SIBERIAN HUSKY (female): The females of HUSKY are usually but slightly shorter in height and ranges between 50–56 cm.

2. Weight:

As per size variation, the HUSKY pits’ sizes also vary greatly. As the females are shorter than males, the same happens with the weight. The female HUSKY dogs are lighter in weight but have the same amazing capabilities and abilities.

SIBERIAN HUSKY (male): The HUSKY puppies (males) are much heavier than females and weighs between 20–27 kg.

SIBERIAN HUSKY (female): The 17 inches to 20 inches HUSKY female pits usually weighs between 16–23 kg.

3. Color and Coat:

The HUSKY puppies are Intelligent, Friendly, Outgoing, Alert, Gentle and sweet dogs. Usually, the coats of the cute HUSKY are short and stiff. The colors are solid and attractive. They don’t shed their coat every time but occasionally, so don’t need regular brushing.

Usually, the HUSKY available in those colours, White, Black, Black & Tan, Sable & White, Black & White, Grey, Gray & White, Red & White, Silver-gray. Overall, color and coat both make a perfect combination to make these dogs look like affectionate and good personality dogs.

4. Health:

HUSKY is also on the list of healthy dog breeds but there are some diseases to which diseases are prone. So, before considering the HUSKY puppy as your companion, have a look at the diseases these dogs can meet with:

    • Thyroid disease: Thyroid disease is an auto-immune disease which causes due to the deficiency of thyroid hormones (hypothyroidism) or excessive thyroid hormones (hyperthyroidism). Usually, these Russian bear dogs develop hypothyroidism which results in obesity, intolerance of cold and depressive personality. It can be cured by regular medication courses.
    • Hip Dysplasia: It is a disorder caused due to the dislocation of the hip joint due takes place due to unequal growths of two bones; the head of femur or thigh bone and acetabulum (socket in pelvic girdle). It results in difficulty in jumping, running, or climbing stairs. The most effective treatment is the replacement of a hip joint of the affected dog.
    • Aortic stenosis: It is a heart disease caused due to the abnormal connection between the aorta and left ventricle. Usually, this disease is transferred to offsprings from parent dogs. Aortic stenosis when not treated immediately may be proved fatal for dogs having little energy.
    • Skin diseases: Moreover, in the HUSKY dogs kin diseases are very common especially allergies. Allergies can be caused due to many environmental factors like dust, pollen grains, or small insects. It can develop irritations or inflammations in dogs, making them discomfort to perform normal activities. These allergies should be early identified and treated with medications.

5. Life expectancy:

Being a healthy breed, the HUSKY dogs’ life span varies a lot. The expected life span of these cute little, energetic, and smart dogs are approx. between 12 – 15 years. The life span also depends on the health of these dogs. If the dog is healthy having no diseases, having a balanced diet, and performing exercises daily then it can live with you for many years.

6. Price:

The HUSKY are quite rare and are not available in common. Being one of the most loving and cute dogs, the HUSKY puppies usually cost the price starts at $1,400 and can go as high as $6,000.. It is a great decision to go towards this breed, as it has a relatively good life span, fewer diseases, low costs, and better abilities.


Q1. Are HUSKY dangerous?

ANS.   No, the SIBERIAN HUSKY are not dangerous, this breed is very friendly, Intelligent, Outgoing, Alert, Gentle and loving and playful family dogs.

Q2. Are SIBERIAN HUSKY more aggressive?

ANS. The SIBERIAN HUSKY don’t carry an aggressive personality.  They are so sweet, loving, loyal, humble, and friendly dogs who love to around family members.


According to the above discussion, HUSKY dogs breed is proved to be quite amazing and playful companions. They will be obedient to their masters and do exactly how he trains them. So, the cutest little HUSKY dog is never a bad decision to select. Bring the HUSKY puppy home proudly and train them accordingly to create their best, well-behaved personality.


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