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The breed of “Silver Labrador Retriever” was from the United Kingdom. With the range of beautiful and attractive coats, these are considered as one of the pretty dogs. Besides Beauty, there is also a wide range of abilities hidden inside the charcoal lab puppies. These are loyal, active, playful, and loving family dogs that better focus on training and serves as a useful and intelligent companion.

Due to the great energy and intelligence level of Silver Labrador Retrievers, they are trained properly and used frequently for the screening and detection works. You will see silver lab breed working for law enforcement and many other detective agencies because this breed is master-mind in quick smelling of crime. For these qualities, the silver Labrador is often called the “HUNTING DOGS” & “SPORTING DOGS”.

Silver Lab

History of Silver Lab

The silver Labrador retriever is from the UK, a popular breed of retriever gun dogs in many countries of the world. The breed was developed from the intelligent Canadian fish dogs.   In 1856, the first photograph of this breed was taken. After then, its popularity becomes rising and till 1870, the silver lab breed name was resonating all over in England.

The Labrador emerged in the late 18th century. It was a cute, little, liver-colored munchkin that was near the stage of becoming the people’s top recommendation. After many years of its emergence, in 1903, Kennel Club finally recognized this breed, and its first registration by American Kennel Club was done later in 1917.

Characteristic features Of SILVER LAB:

The Charcoal lab puppies are quite interesting in their characteristics. That’s all these characteristics that have given them a separable ideal identity. The characteristics of silver Labradors are discussed below:

  1. HEIGHT:

These mini yorkis dogs are cute, pretty, and middle-height. The males and females slightly vary in height but have the same best and interesting abilities. The height information silver lab dogs are given here:

Silver Lab (Male): The most energetic, playful, and intelligent silver lab retriever (males) ranges in height from 22 inches to 22.5 inches (56-57 cm).

Silver Lab (Female): The female silver lab retrievers almost have the same heights just like the males and range between 21.5 inches to 22 inches (54-56 cm).


Just like the male silver lab, breed have a greater height, their weights are also large. So, the weight here is varying according to the heights. These are mentioned here:

Silver Lab (Male): The silver Labrador (males) is heavy-weighted and ranges between 65 pounds to 80 pounds (29-36 kg).

Silver Lab (Female): The female Silver Labs are less-weight and their weight lies between 55 pounds to 70 pounds (25-32 kg).


The silver Labradors retrievers are medium-sized dogs with a slightly longer nose. They have a quite humble and calm nature with attractive interwoven coats.  These dogs look more beautiful when you see their brown and hazel colored lens with black lining around eyes. A silver lab dog is a fantastic dog with a powerful, muscular build with strong jaws.  These all appearances let these dogs look more attractive and have a strong personality.

4.Coat COLOR:

The best part of the appearance of silver Labrador retrievers is their beautiful, short, dry, and dense coat. The coats are completely water-resistant and wind-resistant to keep the dogs safe from all kinds of extreme weather conditions. Without being wiry, these coats suit the silver Labrador puppies and make them look cool, attractive, and amazing.

The coat color also varies in silver Labradors and shows quite different but shocking colors. The red merles’ coats are found usually in three attractive colors including dark brown (chocolate-like), black and pale yellow to fox red.


Silver Lab like the other dog breeds is also prone to many inherited disorders. The reason behind these disorders is the excessive or deficiency of nutrients or lack of exercise. The major disorders found in the silver lab breed are:

  • Obesity: the most common disorder that silver labs usually face is obesity. The silver Labradors are most likely to meet with it as compared to other breeds. Obesity most likely affects old-aged dogs, mainly due to nutritional problems. Obesity can also become a source of influencing other disorders like hip dysplasia or osteoporosis.
  • Hip and elbow dysplasia: the large Labradors usually face hip dysplasia or elbow dysplasia. It takes place due to dislocation of joints, causing inability in walking, jumping, running, or playing.
  • Luxating Patella: It is the disorder of the knee joint when the patella (knee cap) gets dislocated from its normal position. The dogs have to face skips in their normal walk when meeting with the disorder of luxating patella.
  • Eye diseases: There are also some eye diseases found in dogs. The main eye diseases that are usually taking place in silver Labradors are cataract, retinal dysplasia, PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy), or corneal dystrophy.
  1. Life span:

These are the short life-span containing dogs that don’t live usually more than 12 years. When you bring a silver lab puppy, must remember that it has come with a life span of about 10 – 12 years. But, otherwise, the years in which it lives will give you unmemorable memories and inspire you with its’ excellent skills.

  1. Price:

The silver lab retrievers are the perfect loving family dogs. They don’t cost too much to buy and you can get a cute mini yorkis within the price range of $300 to $1000. Despite it, you will need to spend more money on your favorite silver lab puppy maintenance to offer it a proper and healthy lifestyle.

What makes the personality of Silver Lab better?
  1. DIET:

As the silver Labradors have a strong, muscular build they do need proper food. You should give them high-quality dog food at proper timings. The silver labs  breed have diseases of obesity in common, so give them a normal balanced amount of dog food to save them from such kinds of disorders. So, must consult a veterinarian to take care of the amount of food, nutrients, and calories your silver lab dog requires and give them accordingly.

  1. Exercise and training:

For the maintenance of silver’s proper growth, good build, and well-behaved personality, it is advised to train them the rules of obedience, living, and meeting with people & their dogs. Also, exercise will help in their physical and mental growth. Here is described what you should do:

  • Let them walk every morning for half an hour.
  • Early socialization will help them developing a well-behaved dog personality.
  • Exercises and games will increase their strength and energy levels.
  • Don’t let them stay with dangerous street dogs to avoid injuries.
  • Play easy to difficult games with them to check their energy level and maintain it.
  1. Grooming:

Start grooming your silver Labrador puppies from their early age and keep it on-going to let them stay always active, smart, neat & clean. Tips for their grooming are:

  • Brushing of silver lab’s coat every day or once in three days.
  • Bath your dog to clean them from dead hairs or germs.
  • Keep their eyes clean from regular discharge.
  • Keep their ears clean with a good brand’s ear cleaning solution.
  • Trim their nails when you think gets longer to avoid injuries.

Q1. Are Labradors expensive?

ANS. The silver lab breed are not many expensive dogs. They usually come in a range of $300 to $1000 but the price also varies according to the quality. If you want a silver lab dog that is free from all genetic disorders, you will need to increases your budget accordingly.

Q2. Are Labradors dangerous dogs?

ANS. The Silver Labrador Retriever is a much safer dog as compared to many other breeds. These are cute and calm family dogs that don’t harm anyone without any reason.

Q3. Do Labradors bark a lot?

ANS. Labradors have high energy and if not socialize properly, they bark a lot. But, if you have trained them, interact with them with people, and socialize them properly then they will stay cool and calm until any danger or physical stimulations.


Silver Labrador retrievers are intelligent dogs with an ample amount of energy and a range of abilities. They are easy to train due to their high intelligence and fantastic adaptability. They love to be around family members and plays with them wholeheartedly.

Moreover, these pretty dogs are also quick in mind, best in sports, and perfect in hunting. Their wide demands are in agencies due to their fantastic smelling power and intelligent mind. In short, besides being amazing hunting dogs, these are loving family dogs too. Care for them and enjoy their company!

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